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Hubris - Debut Solo Show

Opening Reception: 14 December at 6pm RUA Red Gallery 2, Dublin, Ireland Show Duration: 14 December 2017 - 20 January 2018

After being selected winner of the Winter Open Judge’s Choice Award 2016, Dempsey has been awarded a solo show at RUA Red Gallery. Dempsey has created a body of new, large works for this premiere.

He began this project by studying and critically researching the psychology of pride as a collective emotion in social settings of organisations and countries. With success contributing to negative forms of self-importance, pride is an artificial sentiment, born from society which prompts each individual to attach more importance to themselves. Institutions can produce emotions by holding their staff accountable, indicating the appropriate behaviour that is desired for solidarity. Loss of pride can even provoke aggression and antisocial behaviour in response to ego threats. So why do “proud” attachments to nations persist in a more globalised world? What pleasures or extremes become possible when people merge or even dissolve their identity into a collective form?

Dempsey draws parallels between this theme and various aesthetic inspirations. Using the anatomy of Hyenas as a visual focal point, he takes influence from their “Dominance Hierarchy” through the intrasexual conflicts in a Matriarchal system. The works appearance resemble limbless figures and torsos from the Roman and Renaissance period. The sculptures attempt to impersonate the Male nudes as they stand in antagonising positions while being deemed weak by their dangling limbs.

In this show Dempsey explores the different materials of latex, styrofoam, wood and metal while utilising a time consuming, hand-carving method to present these large sculptural works. Check out RUA Red Gallery Website for more information:



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