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LYSE NÆTTER #1 - Literary Festival

Event Details:

Free Admission 23 June at 16:00pm – 0:00am Møllegade, 2200 København N, Danmark The literary street festival Lyse Nætter is once again on the way! It is the fourth year in a row that literary institutions have joined forces to celebrate literature.

Lyse Nætter is a volunteer-run festival, organised by three of the literary institutions based in Møllegade, LiteraturHaus, Ark Books, and Møllegades Boghandel. The festival will take place on three Fridays during the summer months of June, August and September on Møllegade in Nørrebro, both in the bookshops and literaturhaus and in the street. It is a celebration of literature through readings, workshops, and seminars where also many other literary players from around town will contribute.

After previously holding an event with Ark, Dempsey has been asked to return by performing some text work. Dempsey’s short stories are part of his recent work, developed over the past two years it reflects upon changing cities and isolation deriving from a personal dissatisfaction. These stories have been published in “Tender Bodies Zine” with Papaya Press and also performed at a previous event in ARK bookshop.



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