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"Selfish Shellfish Salty is a refreshing attempt to question our place in society and what it means to live, not just exist.

There is no distinct plot line to the show as such, but with its thought-provoking queries and precise commentary on the modern world, one isn’t needed. Character Egon has reached a stage in her life where her over-analytical nature means she questions what it is to be alive and seeks purpose, while her companion – the free-spirited Grel – isn’t burdened with such worries. Her ever-so-slightly hippy attitude gives her a refreshing outlook on life and its something we can all learn from.

As a young adult, I felt a particular connection to this piece. It homed in on those questioning, niggling feelings of the need for purpose. However, what is perhaps most striking about this play is how the script and intelligent performance from the two skilful actors make an audience seek answers themselves.

This play was a witty and thought-provoking response to those feelings of place and purpose that everyone looks for. The fact that this was performed by only two actors is not only a reflection of how talented the pair are, but also a clever way of getting to the focus of the performance: purpose."

Chloe Allen, Cuckoo Review.



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