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Performance Reading Evening Wednesday, 16 November 2016 at 19:00–22:00 Ark books, Møllegade 10, 2200 København

A night on the External/Internal flow of the subject. Autoethnography is the form in which an author uses self-reflection to explore their personal experience and connect to wider cultural and social understanding. Drawing parallels between philosophy, leaking and lattes this night can be seen as a study of abstraction or fiction in which one can never be empty, as long as someone writes about it. These irrational characters grasp at the meaning of transition, originality and youth as one protagonist asks the audience “Am I broken?” Are You Satisfied is a premiere of readings from two different Performance Artists. Oscar Dempsey (IE) works with artistic and literary methods through disjointed layers and is currently residing in Copenhagen. Sif Hedegård (DK) works with the ambiguity of storytelling through sculpture, video and performance, also based in Copenhagen. Together the two will recite readings of three separate works reflecting themes of bodily functions, control and alienation of the creative mind in modern society. Dempsey’s two short stories will be read in English and are part of his most recent work; developed over the past two years, it reflects upon changing cities and isolation deriving from a personal dissatisfaction. These texts follow narratives of working in a mundane café and the need for belonging. Surrounded by dog walkers and artists the need for control arises when nothing else is in order. They focus on the act of cleansing the body and using imitation as an act of integration as the protagonists decide their new purpose.



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