My key artistic aim is to explore ideas that can alter people’s perception of themselves and the environment around, mediating this through sculpture, text, set and performance. Based upon writing that fluctuates between incidents or research based in philosophical and anthological theories, my work is portrayed through disjointed layers and different mediums. 

I create interdisciplinary sets, exposing elements of narratives in which protagonists inhabit. These sets hint at both unsocial emotions and isolation of the creative mind in modern society. I intend for the audience to experience a feeling that sits between the border of being healthy and uncomfortable. My work attempts to confront the viewer, compelling them to reconsider their own thoughts. Using the form of self-reflection I explore personal experience to connect with a wider cultural understanding.


My projects span a diverse range of materials, sizes and include exhibitions, commercial work, public installations and stage performances. My work moves between visual arts and live arts as my role may be artist or scenographer. I hold a broad definition of Art, Performance and Design as a multidisciplinary practise that questions the systems around us that apprehend and influence others.